1.  Advising on the patentability of inventions

2.  Conducting searches of patent infringement and technical literature

3.  Preparing patent specifications and necessary drawings

4.  Filing and prosecuting patent applications in Taiwan and overseas

5.  Patent watching, monitoring and surveillance

6.  Investigating the validity of patents

7.  Patent licensing agreement

8.  Filing and conducting oppositions to the grant of patents as well as defending applications against oppositions

9.  Filing and conducting invalidation actions against the patent application filed by the person not entitled to file the application

10. Conducting patent litigations and other dispute resolution mechanisms

11. Providing other patent related services

Trademarks, Collective Trademarks, Collective Membership Marks, Certification Marks

1. Providing the Trademark registrability (Availability and validity) searches and opinions
2. Filing and conducting applications to register trademarks, collective trademarks, collective membership marks, certification marks in Taiwan and overseas
3. Conducting Renewal Application of a Trademark Registration.
4. Providing coordination, supervision and management of registration of trademarks abroad
5. Filing and conducting opposition proceedings
6. Drafting and filing an appeal
7. Replying to Official Action or Opposition
8. Filing an application of Revocation Action
9. Filing an application of Invalidation
10. Conducting the Recordal of a Trademark Licensing of Sublicensing
11. Providing other trademark related services

1. Providing copyright consulting services
2. Conducting copyright infringement searches
3. Filing and prosecuting applications to copyright (USA and China)
4. Defending copyright owners' rights
5. Providing other copyright related services